Jack White – ‘Freedom at 21’


First ‘Love Interruption’ , then ‘Sixteen Saltines’, now we have ‘Freedom at 21’. Jack White’s latest single from his album Blunderbuss is something of a mixed song. When you first listen it will throw you off given its peculiar rhythm. Quickly, however, it grows on you. A lot.

The guitar takes a while to kick in but the drums alone provide an enticing intro to the song. White’s vocals are also somewhat off-kilter, but again it works. Throughout the song the guitars and drums get more of the limelight than in either of the previous singles. Good use of panning and an incredible guitar solo – arguably the best solo in the album – are the climax of the track, followed by a splash of cymbals as the song cools down. It is the strongest showing of the freedom and creativity Jack White is renowned for and a definite highlight of the album.

Trust me; one listen of this track won’t be enough. As for the video, I’ve no idea.



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