The Temper Trap – ‘Trembling Hands’


‘The Temper Trap’s’ new single, ‘Trembling Hands’ is somewhat reminiscent of their work from Conditions. Beginning with piano chords amongst an ambient background, this is a new sound from the Australian band. The light drums and guitar work – as well as the vocals – all show signs of change from the atmospheric tone of the last album. Nevertheless, they are still very much a rock/pop outfit and ‘Trembling Hands’ is a drift into the rockier side of indie rock.

The most striking thing about this single, and its predecessor ‘Need Your Love’ is that the vocals have moved away from the delicate but panoramic style heard in ‘Sweet Disposition’. Instead Mandagi has become clearer and more restrained in his singing. Another strong single from their new, self-titled, album but not quite as strong as the singles we heard coming from ‘Conditions’ That said, it looks like album number 2 is shaping up well.



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