Taio Cruz – ‘There She Goes’


Normally I listen to the songs which I review over and over, so that I can analyse them to within an inch of their life, but when I tried to do that with Taio Cruz’s ‘There She Goes’ I realised that I just wasn’t drunk enough. Because that’s the only way that anyone should listen to this song…drunk. Taio Cruz might well have been drunk himself when he recorded the track and subsequently forgot to put any lyrics into the chorus. Instead, he just drones “oh” over and over again, which is handy for drunks trying to slur along.

Despite how awful the song is (and it is awful), I’m sure that it will be the “dance floor filler” that its juvenile lyrics promise. It uses one of those doo-doo synth parts that you hear all the time in clubs and it’s much too upbeat for my liking. It couldn’t be any more generic, really.

In summation I hope that I never have to hear this lazily composed, soulless piece of music again. Having said that, I’m pretty sure, no I’m certain, that after eight too many £1 cans it will start playing in the club and I will dance to it (badly at that).




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