Ed Sheeran – ‘Small Bump’


Dear Warner Music; it was really rather irresponsible of you to allow the release of ‘Small Bump’. ‘Small Bump’ is the sort of song that will someone will name as the motive after going on a killing spree, it’s the sort of song that will cause people to crash their cars deliberately when it comes on the radio. You’d find the sickeningly sweet lyrics of ‘Small Bump’ smeared on the walls of a mentalist’s padded cell. There’s just something putridly unappealing about the combination of bland acoustic guitar and paternally-centered lyrics that seem to desperately scream ‘I’M A SENSITIVE GUY, LOVE ME!’. A stinker from Britain’s ‘hottest’ artist.



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    I don’t care what anyone says, Ed Sheeran is the man! Cover me in sugar and roll me down a daisy covered hill.

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    Matt Timmiss on

    No way! this song is fantastic and Sheeran is one of the few artists who can convey personal emotion through songs he writes himself. The lyrics don’t scream ‘love me’ they are about his best friend who had a miscarriage…

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      That’s cool, each to their own 🙂 I do find that when handled properly, like in ‘Tears of Heaven’ by Eric Clapton, personal trauma can be effective, but in this case i feel it comes of sounding more ‘x-factor round one – fix you by Coldplay in the background – guarenteed access to the second round because mum’s ill’ than poignant.

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