Chiddy Bang ft. Icona Pop – Mind Your Manners


Sampling Swedish duo Icona Pop’s ‘Manners’ the track begins with upbeat pop vocals, followed by one of Chiddy’s shallow raps which includes lyrics such as “now my vocal perfected / this is audio breakfast”. In fact, the entirety of the song is basically just Chiddy saying how the song is amazing, then saying that haters better mind their manners; so at least be polite if you’re going to say it’s rubbish. Despite these lyrics amounting to very little, the track has a danceable quality thanks to the great sample and strong beat. Luckily  for Chiddy Bang, despite annoying, sporadic mutterings such as “we pretty much amazing”, “this is adequate right here” and “we gonna be here forever man”, this track sounds great. All in all this is a brilliant summer pop tune, as long as you don’t listen to the lyrics!

‘Mind Your Manners’ is available to download now.


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