The Wombles – Wombling Merry Christmas


Every Christmas has its novelty single, and this year it is lovingly provided by The Wombles. Oh yes, those fictional, furry, rodent-like creatures from Wimbledon are re-releasing their 1974 hit ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’, after their ‘successful’ reunion at Glastonbury this year.

The problem is that The Wombles aren’t exactly a part of modern pop culture – my mum can sing their songs, but its unlikely anyone under 35 can – as they are a legacy of 70s culture. Furthermore it doesn’t have a fantastic hook, and while the message is Christmassy the melody isn’t particularly. There’s no doubt that Bob the Builder and Mr Blobby’s songs were annoying, but at least they were catchy and relevant to that age. Thus, ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’ seems an unlikely number one candidate.

However, let’s not take this too seriously – it’s men in costumes; the song is upbeat, good fun; and the video mocks The X Factor, containing a Womble version of both Jedward and Simon Cowell.

Yes it’s cheesy, but that’s Christmas. I don’t know what a ‘Wombling Christmas’ is, but by the end of the song I kind of want one.

Rating: 7/10

Good: Fun, Christmas novelty song and video.

Bad: Not overly catchy, and just a re-release.


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