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Nicki Minaj’s gay male alter ego Roman Zolanski, last seen in ‘Roman’s Revenge’ on Minaj’s Pink Friday, is back in her new single ‘Roman in Moscow’. After the success of ‘Super Bass’ and ‘Fly’, many people expected Nicki to follow the radio-friendly success as she searches for her first number one.

‘Roman in Moscow’ is exactly the opposite of that. With lyrics such as “Swallow balls, nuts too/Camel toe”, “Ain’t on my period but I got a new pad” and “Motherfuck you with a big dick/I’m a racist I’m a bigot”, it’s unlikely that ‘Roman in Moscow’ will be gracing our airwaves any time soon. Despite that, and the fact there “ain’t no motherfucking hook/ain’t no third motherfucking verse”, ‘Roman in Moscow’ is more than enjoyable, and it’s finally starting to feel like Nicki Minaj is living up to the hype that surrounds her.

Rating: 7/10

Good: Perfect production: Nicki Minaj hasn’t sounded much better.

Bad: There are some moments which just seem like complete nonsense.


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    Ol' Dirty Bastard on

    Roman’s Revenge was a monster of a track which she’s never yet matched, hopefully this’ll be the one…

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    I love the ending of this song… Great example of an artist not taking themselves too seriously, which is much needed in Hip Hop. And again… a very epicly produced song, looking forward to hearing more of Roman off the new album.

    Are you sure Roman is supposed to be a gay male alter ego?… I heard it was Nicki’s twin sister.

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      Thomas McIlroy on

      There’s a bit of confusion online about who Roman is, her fan sites seem to describe Roman as her gay male alter ego born out of rage, and Nicki has said Roman is like a twin to her.

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