Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine)


Gym Class Heroes steer in a new direction with ‘Stereo Hearts’, a pop number so unbelievably upbeat and warming you would think it was your favourite blanket.

A catchy yet romantic lead melody from Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine permeates the Travie McCoy-rapped verses, while the lyrics explore heart-melting metaphors of the synonymous love for your darling discs and your dream date. Every beat and note is a jovial journey to the psychedelic sixties – pure, pacifist lyrics; reggae riffs. The hip-hop outfit achieve an almost antiquated aura within the modern pop conventions which is guaranteed to spread your smile from ear to ear.

It’s colourful, clean, and its subject incorruptible; its lyrics will be plastered over social networks for months as honeymoon teen couples seek the song that will define their everlasting love. Simply put, ‘Stereo Hearts’ is an uplifting masterpiece of pop writing; profoundly idiomatic, yet so infectious.

Rating: 10/10

Good: Charming, divine, gorgeous, inspiring, heartfelt

Bad: It does end… and the group has to compose something of similar quality


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