Cher Lloyd – With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner)


As a colourful iPod introduces ‘With Ur Love’ as a piece of ‘swag pop’, our hearts sink as we prepare ourselves for the follow-up to Cher Lloyd’s derivative ‘Swagger Jagger’.

What we receive is an atmospheric, upbeat number with soaring melodies and a surprisingly sentimental message. The 18-year-old paints a pretty picture of natural ecstasy and exhilaration with playful poppy hooks and satisfying spirited lyrics, the dreaded ‘S’ word notwithstanding.

However, as guest singer Mike Posner croons over the middle eight “First date, first base/Second date, second base”, the feeling that his appearance is superfluous cannot be helped, and he sets a sleazy example for a vulnerable teen market — a demographic which has decided to embrace her as a role model. Despite this intervention, the radiant Cher Lloyd shines on her second solo single, delivering a warming positive message to a generation that desperately needs guidance.

Rating: 7/10

Good: Pleasant atmosphere of soaring melodies and poppy hooks

Bad: The word ‘swagger’ — shut up, Mike Posner


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