The Vaccines – Post Break-Up Sex.


For a band that has only been together for a little over six months, the progress of The Vaccines has been exceptional. Appearing on BBC television, coming third in the BBC’s Sound of 2011, as well as achieving instant popularity with their recent single ‘Post Break-Up Sex’, certainly bodes well for the eclectic group. But has this been based on anything other than media hype?

‘Post Break-Up Sex’, is a song of regret and confusion, as the title might suggest. The song consists of a simple, yet very catchy rhythm, led by the guitars of front man Justin Young (formerly of Jay Jay Pistolet) and Freddie Cowan. The song clocks in under three minutes, like all of their released songs to date, but this easily captures the energy and tone of the band, quick-paced and addressing their points immediately, with little to no introduction or finale. In and out, just like that. They are a lyrically sound band, making impacts where they will be most poignant to the listener. Although good, the music can easily become somewhat repetitive as the style varies little from song to song.

Overall, the group likened to the Ramones are very strong and we can expect good things from them in the future, but they are not groundbreaking, more like a harkback to times past. Stay tuned for the album due to be released on March 21st.


Good – Excellent, catchy rhythms

Bad – Very short songs.


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