Kids in Glass Houses – ‘The Best is Yet to Come’


The fourth single from KIGH second album, Dirt, comes in the form of ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ – a guilt-free pleasure, with soaring guitar riffs and a beat that is infectious to the extreme. As with all KIGH records, I am a little baffled as to the exact ‘meaning’ behind the lyrics, and I can safely say that for once, it does not matter. Broad themes of infidelity, sex, love, loneliness and companionship seep through the sometimes incomprehensible lyrics, with “You’ll be my last/ I’ll be your first” appearing to be the guiding principle behind the whole record. The vocals of Aled Phillips glide seamlessly over the screeching guitar, whilst the key change that KIGH have used FAR too much in other records, actually complements rather than detracts from the overall feel of the song. Overall, a great offering from the Welsh quintet.

Released October 31st



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