Rewind: U2 – ‘With Or Without You’


The guys from U2 have totally been a big deal lately, and they’re back again with the first single from their fifth album, The Joshua Tree… and it’s absolutely bitchin’! Although the beginning is quite slow and it doesn’t follow a verse-chorus structure, ‘With Or Without You’ provides a slow yet very satisfactory ascension towards an explosion of voice and guitars that isn’t aggressive or disruptive – and that’s what makes it a mood, not just a song.

Along with its poetic lyrics, it has the power of getting you to look think about *that* person who drives you crazy but without whom life isn’t quite the same. The thoughts go on, and on, along with a combo of guitars that reminds me of Bowie, until Bono hits some insane notes that bring you back from whatever galaxy it might have sent you to. It’s a brill track, and I’d be super surprised if it didn’t become a huge classic in like 30 years.

‘With Or Without You’ was released in 1987 via Island Records 


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