The Edge’s Top Albums of 2020: #5 – Boy Pablo’s ‘Wachito Rico’


2020, the year to end all years was arguably saved by Boy Pablo’s debut album Wachito Rico which graced our ears in the last few weeks of October.

Released smack bang in the centre of the colder months this album injected sunshine, joy and Latino fusions to the dull, wintry months. Not only did it bring feel-good summer sounds, it had its fair dose of soppy emotional love songs such as ‘i <3 u’ and ‘te vas // don’t go’ which tugged on the heartstrings and offered profound thoughts on first loves and relationship jitters. Nicolas Munõz (Boy Pablo, himself) is clearly one of the hopeless romantics, who in a hook-up culture, lays his feelings out in his craft making it an insightful and refreshingly authentic listen.

Very much a concept album, the title character ‘Wachito Rico’ is overwhelmed with his first love and every track reflects the stages of his fresh relationship. The acoustic tracks and acapellas are short but incredibly sweet as they provide emotionally raw and stripped back sounds that are so rare in a buzzing genre such as indie-pop. But the album isn’t all about the heart, there are bouts of comedic pop-culture references, a favourite being Munõz’s moustache envy towards icon Tom Selleck which occupies the track ‘mustache’, an interlude to an incredibly heavy emotional record. 

Since the first single released from Wachito Rico, back in May, the album was one of the most anticipated albums of the indie-pop genre and has been a huge success amongst Boy Pablo fans. 

Wachito Rico is available to listen to now via 777 Music. Check out the music video to the single ‘hey girl’ below. 

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