The Edge’s Top Albums of 2020: #8 – Kylie’s ‘Disco’


Kylie Minogue‘s recent album Disco continued the popular trend of revisiting the nostalgic sounds of 80s disco and synth-pop. It used funky basslines and string sections to revive a bygone era, bringing itself into the 2020 music scene with a bang.

In a certain 2020 style, Disco was made in Kylie’s makeshift home studio, giving her the opportunity to engineer and produce by herself for the first time. Despite the challenges faced, the album still manages to be a positively upbeat record, and you can’t help but smile when listening to it. Listeners will be reminiscing on Kylie’s 2019 Glastonbury set, and hoping for similar performances to be delivered in the future to give Disco the chance it deserves on stage.

In a year of constant bad news, stellar tracks like ‘Say Something’ and ‘Real Groove’ gave us something hopeful to dance the blues away. The album received favourable reviews, and while it may not be the most groundbreaking album of the year, it certainly provided a much needed cheesy pop dance break so deserves its place at number 8!

Disco is available to listen to now via Kylie Minogue. Check out the hit single ‘Say Something’ below. 

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