A Joyous Celebration of Freedom: A Review of Little Mix’s Confetti


An artistic exploration of the dynamics of relationships, embracing sexuality and finding a sense of self

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Ever since Little Mix won The X Factor in 2011, they’ve proven that they’re the world’s biggest girl group of the decade — and that they’re here to stay. They dropped their album Glory Days in 2016. starting the most successful era in their careers, debuting at #1 and soon leading them to win a BRIT award for ‘Shout Out To My Ex’. The group released LM5 the year after, just days before they announced their departure with Simon Cowell’s SYCO after a dispute over creative control. Now, they’re back with their sixth album, Confetti — an album celebrating their artistic freedom and independence, enabling the girls to pursue a more experimental pop and R&B sound that they’ve been longing to produce.

The lead single ‘Break Up Song’ channels 80’s synth-pop accompanied by uplifting and feel-good lyricism. The way that this song is very nostalgic, yet follows the 80’s pop trend of this year makes it hugely fun and enjoyable. We’ve seen 80’s pop explored this year with the release of Dua Lipa‘s second studio album Future Nostalgia. Little Mix was able to execute such a familiar sounding, yet refreshing banger with ‘Break Up Song’. 

The second single of the album, ‘Holiday’, is a more sensually-charged song with a contemporary instrumental and pulsating house beat. The song is flirty, sassy, and you can’t help but dance along to it. ‘Not a Pop Song’ is the most personal song on the album, that discusses the group’s stance with their previous record label SYCO and the expectations Simon Cowell had over their career. The group throws digs at Simon with the lyrics, “I don’t do what Simon says/ Get the message ’cos it’s read.” The song exudes independence and celebrates them taking control over their careers and the creative direction they want to pursue. 

‘Sweet Melody’ has an infectious reggaeton influenced beat that talks about the girls’ ex-lovers and the empty words and promises they made to them during their relationships. The anthemic sound of the album is contrasted by one of my favourite songs ‘My Love Won’t Let You Down’ — a stripped-down ballad that focuses on the girl’s voices and its primary theme being supporting a lover through the good and bad. 

Confetti is an artistic exploration of the dynamics of a relationship, embracing sexuality, and finding a sense of self — it truly has it all. This album is full of bops and has become one of my favourite Little Mix projects.

Confetti is out now via RCA/Columbia Records. Check out ‘Sweet Melody down below!


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