‘Completely underappreciated’; Why you should listen to EGO (super/trip/maniac)


Despite having a well-known presence on platforms such as Mahogany, Alex Vargas is yet to enter the mainstream music scene here in the UK. It’s definitely not due to his lack of talent, as his newest album EGO (super/trip/maniac) proves that he has a lot to offer.

Consisting of 12 songs, Vargas’ sophomore album demonstrates his reach into pop, whilst still maintaining his roots in the alternative genre. His most famous material includes his collaboration with English electronic band Above and Beyond, on their songs ‘All Over The World’ and ‘Sticky Fingers’, and his older material such as ‘Shackled Up’. Despite the popularity of these, his newest album is for some reason completely underappreciated.

‘Girls On Millionaires’ depicts his transition into pop flawlessly, with its chorus being relatively basic and reminiscent of common chart hits. But, despite presenting some slightly generic popular traits, Vargas’ vocals assist in allowing the song to stand out. The chorus will be stuck in your head for days after, and it’s definitely a song you want to listen to over and over again.

Another track where his vocals are simply outstanding is ‘Where Love Won’t Go’. The higher registers of his vocal range are depicted perfectly, and the chorus allows his voice to demonstrate its gravelly tones.

Vargas could sing anything and make it sound wonderful. But EGO (super/trip/maniac) deserves attention most of all because of its success in combining popular with alternative. Tracks like ‘Live Alone’ will have you grooving away to its catchy chorus, whilst ‘Fairytale Skies’ will force you into a state of relaxation with its calming guitar chords and soft vocals.

EGO (super/trip/maniac) is available to listen to via Copenhagen Records. 


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