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Another banging EP!

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The 7-track EP by Dublin duo Hare Squead came out last month and features the successful singles ‘Baeboo’, ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully’) and ‘Meeting With Myself’ featuring Jay Prince. Hare Squead originally found success in 2016 and made it global when rapper Goldlink remastered their track ‘Herside Story’ on his At What Cost album. The band were just making it big, however third member Jessy Rose left the band due to mental health struggles.  In the past year we have seen Tony Konstone and Lilo Blues bounce back, and this EP shows just why the band deserve to be known. Hare Squead are known for their R&B inspired slick rhymes, however recent releases such as ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully)’ and ‘Baeboo’ feature a more pop-inspired sound. Fans were excited to see what Superweird would consist of and Hare Squead have proven they are a genre-less innovative hip hop duo who are able to make sure each track sounds new and original.

A stand-out from the EP is Trenches, the track features go-go beats and hip-hop percussion its flawlessly mastered. It’s a club banger and for the current isolation period it makes it perfect for wanting to dance alone in your room. The smooth flow over the translucent sound makes for a beautiful relaxing listen, it transports you to another world and its shocking that there has not been as much discussion on one of their most diverse sounding tracks. Wanna Luv is another stand-out it starts off with a soothing synth and discusses lust over love, it’s catchy and fits in with the upcoming summer season. The song is reminiscent of summer nights (when we were able to go outside) and it’s the perfect song to sit watching the world go by outside your window or in the garden as you get your allocated one hour of outside time. It’s slow and takes a different tone to the other tracks; it isn’t a club banger but is chill and within 3 minutes the song transforms three times. I’d highly recommend listening to Superweird.

Overall, it is an outstanding EP they further prove why they were so popular and will surely be making a name for themselves in the hip-hop scene.

Hare Squead’s Superweird  is available via independently popular.


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