Albums of the Year 2019: #9 Puppy – The Goat


Our next entry in our top 10 albums of 2019 is one of the year’s most popular alternative releases, with The Goat from London rockers Puppy.  Puppy have impressed fans this year with their latest record, as well as the high energy of their live shows.  Although this isn’t one of the biggest albums of 2019, it is certainly one of the best; The Goat should by all means be on your radar and in your music library.  This is the band’s first album following the release of three EPS between 2015 and 2019 and has stood out as one of the highlights of the year among listeners.

They’re one of the heavier bands on this list, and their debut LP has been widely prased for its hard-hitting, authentic sound.  The songs have also been widely praised for their performance on stage, after their tour which came to Southampton last year, as well as a whole host of summer festivals that they played.

The Goat features a lot of new songs from Puppy, as well as some of their older tracks re-recorded for their first LP.  They’ve been able to bring together their influences which span the alternative genres, and incorporate into a natural, authentic sound.  It’s an impressive debut album, and fans are looking forward to what we’re going to hear next from Puppy.

Puppy’s The Goat is available via Spinefarm.


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