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On the 4th October, indie band Swim Deep made a seamless return to the music scene with the release of their latest album Emerald Classics, their first album since Mothers in 2015. It is evident that their four-year hiatus cultivated a further enrichment of their collective musical talent as Emerald Classics boasts ten stunningly crafted songs that each offer their own individual charms whilst simultaneously contributing to a masterpiece of an album that is sure to make your day. This album communicates one central theme: optimism. Amidst a global community plagued by bad news and shrouded in an aura of negativity, we are reminded of the subtle beauty of our chaotic society.

The overarching genre of indie-pop is sustained throughout the album; however it is weaved with elements of ‘80s dream pop and ‘90s shoegaze to create a dreamlike, ethereal quality that contrasts against the raw humanity found in the lyrics. This creates an overall semblance of the exacerbation of extraordinary aspects of ordinary moments and emotions. Not to sound dramatic, but this album will literally shift your view of the mundane.

Emerald Classics also features upbeat ‘bop’ tracks such as ‘0121 Desire’. If you’re looking for a song to dance to in the shower, or to get you in the mind-set for a night out, look no further. This album is as feel-good as it is emotional and thought-provoking, and I assure you it has the capacity to thoroughly lift your spirits. That said, an echo of vulnerability can identified, particularly in tracks such as ‘Bruised’ and ‘Father I Pray’. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged by ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘Happy as Larrie’, too.

The album also hosts an exploration of a variety of relationships, declining to indulge in the expected depiction of ‘romantic love’ but rather describing relationships such as that of a parent an child, between lead singer Austin and the baby of one of his close friends, even that of total strangers. The listener is encouraged to consider the fact that you don’t have to engage in an intimate relationship with someone to inspire them, or even change their life, as exemplified in the spoken verses of the album’s first single ‘To Feel Good.’

In general, this album is perfect for injecting some colour into the persistent dull greys of everyday life, evoking a feeling of community and hope with its cultivation of the message ‘we’re all in this together and everything will be okay so long as we take care of one another.’

Swim Deep’s Emerald Classics is out now via Cooking Vinyl.


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