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The album has some amazing songs but also some songs that feel a little recycled. Overall, it isn't the best release of The Amazons.

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It has been 2 years since The Amazons released their self-titled debut album which made them a band to look out for in the indie scene. Future Dust draws parallels to Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age and is almost their love child with a pop-inspired twist. The Amazons stepped out of the safe zone with this recent release, however some fans have been left disappointed in comparison to their debut album. With critics calling Future Dust the tame version of what they are capable of. Though it may not be the best of The Amazons, Future Dust is still a great album featuring great song transitions throughout.

Future Dust opens with a strong start ‘Mother’ which is probably one of the best songs on the album. It carries the same passion as’ Black Magic’. The distorted riffs and rock inspired drums show the true musicality of The Amazons. Matt Thompson’s powerful vocals compel us to continue listening. This is contrastingly different to the next track ‘Fuzzy Tree’ which is much more pop than rock. Critics have called it ‘unimaginative indie rock’ though there is a strong guitar presence, but it sounds very similar to songs they have released previously.

‘Doubt It’ shows a transition into a new era demonstrating the bands changing direction into a more bluesy influenced sound. The guitar and drums are intense and draw you in for more. The song ends on a high and intensifies and is truly music to my ears. Can’t help but head bop while this tune is playing. This is the same for ‘Warning Sign’ which is a song fans can scream along to while crushing themselves in mosh pits. It has many transformation and takes on different forms and paces, parts are slow and soulful while other sections are headbanging rock inspired sounds.

Closing song ‘Georgia’ feels a bit misplaced in the track rankings especially since it’s a slow song featuring an acoustic guitar. It is a weird ending to such a pop rock inspired album, however, saying this, ‘Georgia’ is a great song showing Thompson’s amazing vocals and is very reflective. ‘Georgia’ also features an epic guitar solo. It takes a whole different tone to the other songs on the album.

Though Future Dust may not be the best release of The Amazons it is still a rocking album and shows the bands maturity and growth. It expresses the bands ability to grow with their fans.

The Amazon’s Future Dust is available via Universal Music.


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