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Full of Attitude

Miley Cyrus' latest is an EP that demmands your attention.

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As far as empowering, female, no fuss anthems go, Miley Cyrus has completely and utterly smashed it. Bringing a whole host of icons on board for this EP, including gay and drag icon RuPaul, and none of them disappoint at all. With a vibe not dissimilar to that of Taylor Swift‘s Reputation or to Cardi B‘s Invasion of Privacy, this vengeful femme-fatale pop EP is going to be perfect for summer and a girls’ night out.

Opening on the motivational ‘Mother’s Daughter’ with a pounding beat, Miley’s distinctive voice is heightened by the reverberating baseline behind it, and it has a haunting, angry quality to it, enforced by the “nasty gal” powerful lyrics. The overwhelming feature of this whole EP is this bridge between the noughties Hannah Montana sugary-sweet, Disney channel Miley we all grew up with in comparison to the slightly more off the rails BANGERZ Miley. We have these motivational, girl power anthems with a hint of nasty, ‘no funny business’, girl boss beats.

‘Unholy’, the second track on this six track EP, has a far more Hans Zimmer circa True Romance-opening with its plunky repetitive tones. This is complimented by the techno beats and it creates an amalgamation of gorgeous sounds which I hate to say is let down by the slightly repetitive lyrics which don’t seem to have too much to say. Perhaps however, thats just my inability to read the emotion in them.

The first collaboration on the EP, ‘D.R.E.A.M.’ featuring Ghostface Killah, is quite frankly a banger. It has the post 2010 Drake-style rap features that we have all become so used to, mixed with Miley’s country vocals, resulting in a great mix with proper windows down-late night drive vibes. This is the complete opposite of ‘Cattitude’, her collaboration with RuPaul, which contains some absolutely obvious lyrics from some of his greatest hits, and has the exact vibes anyone needs heading into pride month. The energy, the dialogue, they have such chemistry and charisma. Their recent collaboration on his show RuPaul’s Drag Race prepared me for how great this song was going to be, but I still wasn’t quite ready for how good it was.

The first four songs on the EP feel the most like the teaser for an incredible album. The last two however, ‘Party Up The Street’ and ‘The Most’, I wasn’t a big fan of. I found them a bit samey and a bit of a non-event. I really wanted to love them, but I just couldn’t. They were okay, palatable, but no more than that, which is a shame when you consider how incredible the rest of this EP is.

This EP has succeeded in making me fall in love with Miley again and get excited for a new album however, so give it a listen if you want to reignite your adoration for our favourite country daughter.

SHE IS COMING – EP is available now via RCA Records.


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