Review: BTS – Map Of The Soul: Persona


With the concept of looking for the self and collaboration of two big stars, BTS made this album full of meaning in their milestone.

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This is BTS’s latest comeback album, proving that these boys get all the symbolism and innuendo right when it matters. This shows that they really love their fans ‘ARMYs’.

The concept of the comeback album follows psychoanalytical theory made by a Swiss psychiatrist – Carl Jung. He emphasises that we humans all have different archetypes, including “Persona” – which BTS used on the new album. An expert in Jung’s theory – Dr.Stein has made a good analysis of the relationship between the album and theory.

Intro – Comeback Trailer: Persona

The persona refers that people have different selves when working at the office, staying at home or socialising in the party. During the journey of growing up, we are always questioning “Who am I”. The first song of this album starts from a question to ask “Where is my soul”. RM (leader and rapper of BTS) provides an answer in his written lyrics:

“Someone like me ain’t good enough for the truth / Someone like me ain’t good enough for a calling / Someone like me ain’t good enough to be a muse.”

He is anxious and worried about being “enough” for his fans.

Boy With Luv feat. Halsey

Collaborating with Halsey, BTS has hit music records with this vibrant and retro funk single.

‘Boy With Luv’ brings one of their old single – ‘Boy In Luv’ into mind. These seven boys realise that one can only find love in others when one begins to love themselves first. So “In” transits into “With”. Stein also mentioned the significance of transition, meaning the understanding of the self.

Make It Right

‘Make It Right’ continues BTS’s collaboration with western artists, after Halsey’s feature on ‘Boy With Luv’: Ed Sheeran helped work to co-write this track, after a collaboration on ‘Love Yourself’ in 2018. It seems like BTS will try full English songs because there are small English parts in this song. BTS revealed, “We won’t sing suddenly in full English, because we don’t want to suddenly change our identity, and that’s not BTS”.


BTS are rebuilding own “microcosm”. ‘Mikrokosmos’ comes from that and also refers to another facet of the relationship with their fans. Using the concept of “individuation” from Jung’s theory, BTS are emphasising that each individual comes with own stories. They are not constellation as stars. BTS are helping each other break away from society and move towards individuation.

BTS have always been on the way of identifying themselves. We have always been exploring and adventuring during life. But questions will be answered in the end.

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primaeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.”  – Carl Gustav Jung

Map of the Soul: Persona is available now via Big Hit Records.


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