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An incomparable offering from an intricately talented musician.

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Putney-born Richard Maule was recently featured on The Edge Introducing and has returned with his fourth EP, following the release of last year’s Esoteric Groove and his BBC Radio 2 debut with Dermot O’Leary. Siren’s Call, his newest release, consists of 4 new tracks all completed and mastered entirely through his iPad as explored in a recent article regarding the concept of DIY artistry.

Maule’s music has previously been described as bluesy and soulful with marks of Damien Rice and Hozier. Evidence of such influences does not lack within Siren’s Call, which is arguably his strongest piece of work to date. The title track opens the EP and delves straight into that synthpop beat that Maule produces so well, accompanied by his husky-yet-delicate vocals and aspects comparable to Hozier’s ‘Work Song.’

The next track, ‘For You,’ is a quintessentially tender ballad, managing to wholeheartedly showcase Maule’s production abilities alongside his ability to convey a sense of effortlessness with each note. It evokes a relatively sombre atmosphere which is cleverly vitalised by Maule’s use of synthesising and tingly beats.

‘Be The Change,’ Siren’s Call‘s third single, effectively utilises Maule’s impressive vocal range, immediately opening with a display of falsetto. This track has a little more texture than others, with a slightly fuller sound whilst ensuring it does not stray too far from Maule’s signature sound. Its mellow aesthetic encourages a change of pace which is displayed towards the end of the track through an overlay of vocal catharsis.

The final track, ‘Fresh Eyes,’ could be labelled as the most upbeat of the EP, acting as a culmination of the EP following on from the fuller, layered sound of ‘Be The Change,’ mimicking the passion exploited in ‘For You,’ and promising to deliver on the synth beats that make up ‘Siren’s Call.’ Maule’s approach here could be closely linked to that of Ed Sheeran, adopting his technique of underlying vocal repetition.

Siren’s Call is an incredibly soulful collection of work, offering a substantial change of pace when compared to the largely upbeat Esoteric Groove. It is a definite change in direction for Maule and, with its entirely iPad-created production credentials, it is quite literally the start of something new.

Siren’s Call is out now via 581053 Records DK.


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