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The Go! Team are a band which have a unique ability to create ecstatically happy, carefree songs that can reliably put you in a good mood. Stylistically, they are incredibly hard to pin down. They have a multitiude of influences from hip-hop, pop, indie and soul. Their very name captures the essence of their hyper sound, and although highly unusual, their unparalleled up-beatness and summery sound make their songs very listenable.

The new album – The Scene Between is a little more conventional than their previous albums, with more of an emphasis on melody than on sampling and rhythms. For most of the album this approach works well, but some songs such as ‘Catch Me On The Rebound’ and ‘Did You Know?’ stick to a verse-chorus structure with repeating lyrics, and grow tiresome after the first few listens.

The stand-out tracks are the optimistic ‘What D’you say’, ‘The Scene Between’, ‘Blowtorch’, the punchy gospel-inspired ‘The Art of Getting By’ and the simple but moving instrumental ‘Rolodex The Seasons’. The songs flow well together, with quirky little instrumentals throughout adding colour to an already bright and sunny-sounding album. The lyrical themes focus on the confusion and excitement of being young – the process of overcoming insecurities and discovering who you are.

It is very refreshing to have a band which is so unconventional without the sombreness of so many alternative musicians – this album is testament to that.

The Scene Between is out now via Memphis Industries.



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