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Hailing from Yorkshire is a band known as Marmozets. Composed of two sets of siblings, this band certainly has a strong chemistry, which is present in their new album. For previous fans of Marmozets, it’s clear that their style has evolved from something violent to something still angry, but more melodic. Becca Macintyre’s vocals are powerfully exhibited as she jumps from the harsh roars in the catchy ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ and ‘Born Young and Free’ to some elegant notes in ‘Captivate You’. It’s clear that this band’s sound has matured, and although the album still expresses a youthful energy, Marmozets seem to express a quality of sound way beyond their years.

Most songs have strong influences from an array of genres. Songs such as ‘Cover Up’ have an indie guitar sound, whilst the riffs from ‘Particle’ wouldn’t go amiss in a Muse song circa-Absolution. Becca Macintyre’s style also has some resemblances to Hayley Williams’ of Paramore, however the way that Ms Macintyre pushes her voice provides a harsher edge in comparison to Williams’ incredibly dulcet tones.

If there are any low points to this album, it has to be said that on track ‘Cry’ there is a piano sound that lacks a sustaining ability – and the effect on the track is one of a dodgy school keyboard. Yet, if you want to listen to quality British rock music with a manic energy and powerful sounding front woman, this album is worth a listen. The punk and metal influences must be noted; do not think that this album is going to be a thoroughly easy listen.  To the sound of ‘Vibetech’ an intense mosh pit would not be out of place with its stop-start drum rhythms. You can tell this song is definitely a “Weird and Wonderful” crowd pleaser. ‘Hit the Wave’ and final track ‘Back to You’ are arena filling epics, expressing the diversity of and musical strengths of Marmozets.

In all, the sound of The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets is likely to please a variety of rock fans, from metalcore fans to advocates of pop-punk. Be prepared for some catchy choruses, heavy guitars and pure energy. Brace yourself, listener, you’re in for a treat.

4 stars


The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets is out now via Roadrunner Records.



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