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Guilford based punk rock band Miss Vincent were formed in 2012, but in that relatively short time have managed to build up a respectable local following, and are now on a mission to bring their dark punk stylings to a greater audience. The band claim to be influenced by such greasy LA punk rockers as Social Distortion, as well as Alkaline Trio and a host of other bands. It remains to be seen however, if their debut EP Creepy can capture these many influences and distil them into a unique sound.

As first track ‘Deadlock’ kicks in, it seems like that all the boasts of legendary influences are going to come to nothing, as it sounds a lot like Paramore with a male vocalist, which is probably not the impression that Miss Vincent were going for. It’s certainly catchy, but the guitar riff in particular is pure Paramore and not really the crunchy goth-tinged punk that was promised. However, luckily, this impression doesn’t last. Next track ‘I Don’t Want This’ is far more like it, and there’s definitely some Alkaline Trio and AFI influences audible in this one. This definitely sets the tone for the rest of the EP and proves that ‘Deadlock’ was a mere mis-step before ‘Creepy’ found its feet. The highlight, however, has to be ‘Planning To Fail’. One play gets it wedged firmly in your head for the rest of the day and it has an anthemic chorus which would ensure it slotted nicely into any rock radio playlist.

Overall, Creepy is a good first try from this young band, providing a set of polished, enjoyable punk rock tunes, all of which are devilishly catchy. It’s not unique or ground-breaking, but then, Krispy Crème weren’t the first people to make donuts, which is proof that as long as you do something well, you don’t really have to do it first. And Creepy is certainly done well, and accordingly, marks Miss Vincent down as a band well worth looking out for.


Released 02 September 2013
Produced by Daly George.
Mastered by Chris Coulter.


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