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Manchester based four piece Through Colour were first formed over a decade ago in North Wales, and in those ten years the band has experienced a fair amount of upheaval, with no real recording getting done until they made their big move to Manchester. But, even with creative juices finally flowing, that band weren’t content to merely release a debut album, but instead have opted to split the album into two themed EPs, with each one detailing a different part of the band’s musical odyssey. The first of these EP’s is debut release Somnium, which deals with the concept of the band’s journey thus far.

Given the lofty ambitions apparent in making a concept-based 2 EP set your debut release, it would be easy to expect an epic sound from Somnium, and even, dare I say it, some rather pretentious music to boot. However, Through Colour manages to surprise, because this is not, in any way, what the EP provides. First track, and lead single, ‘Daydream’ positively bursts into life, with a summery pop-rock melody that’s just made to be plastered all over the radio. Add this to a chorus thoroughly deserving of the label ‘ear-worm’ and you’ve got a perfect recipe for sugary musical fun.

Most of the EP follows this pattern, with only heartfelt power ballad ‘Ink’ rising above the level of radio friendly pop rock sing-along. The EP’s generally sunny disposition takes a break for the surprisingly bitter lyrics of ‘Broken’, but even with a chorus that includes the line ‘Everything’s fucking broken’, there’s still room for hope, in keeping with the theme of journeying toward something better than what can be seen throughout the record.

Overall, this EP may be more lightweight than one would expect from hearing the story that surrounds it, but it’s a nice listen nonetheless, and would make an excellent soundtrack to a summer evening at the beach. Certainly, if you’re a fan of sunny pop rock as provided by the likes of All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd, you’ll definitely find plenty to like here.


To Be Released 30/9/13


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