The 1975 – IV EP


The fusion of electronica and indie rock is something we now hear more often than ever, so making this into a unique sound has become rather difficult. However, The 1975 make themselves a prime example of how to stand out among others with their new EP IV.

From the very first track this EP made a substantial impression upon me, seeming to grasp my attention instantly. ‘The City’ is dominated by heavy percussion generating a huge impact, with pulsating electronic undertones rumbling in the background. Placing a song this insanely catching first is an intelligent move for The 1975, and is sure to catch and hold your interest for the next few tracks. Leading on from the barrage of ‘The City’, second track ‘Haunt//Bed’ is a decidedly softer affair, while still utilizing the previous sounds developed. A consistent rise and fall of deep synth, accompanied by a rhythmic pattern of rushing beats and periodic lyrics: “I’m not scared”. ‘Haunt//Bed’ is alike the calm preceding a storm, lulling you into a false sense of security, yet holding a threatening heavy atmosphere with it.

Except rather than harsh winds and brutal rain-showers, ‘So Far (It’s Alright)’ turns out to be a lighter, panoramic sound; with echoing vocals and tinkling piano keys. Add a touch of funk and the boys from Manchester showcase their diversity and harmony with both electronic and acoustic elements. The EP is finished off by the reverberating and soothing ‘Fallingforyou’, a track with such a deep intensity that it shudders through your ears. It sounds like it could run over the edge of a bubble, glinting and bouncing over its surface without breaking through.

With ‘IV’ The 1975 successfully mix extremely subtle background touches with heavy atmospheric elements to create a passionate interpretation of a now recognisable combination. Although brief, this EP is a lingering affair, shifting from varying tones and colours of emotion which are sure to make a clear creative imprint in your conscience.



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