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Friday Is Forever EP is the new (would you have guessed it) EP from Florida based powerpop band We The Kings. And honestly I don’t understand why they released it. The EP features five tracks, lead single ‘Friday Is Forever’, old fan favourite ‘Check Yes Juliet’ and three previously unreleased acoustic tracks. The band has evidentially had to fill the gap since releasing their 2011 record Sunshine State Of Mind and their upcoming fourth album (currently untitled) that will be released later this year. So they picked a few random tracks and threw them together on this EP.

The thing that really baffles me is the choice of songs. The title track ‘Friday Is Forever’ was the lead single from their previous album and released as a single back in 2011, so why is there now, in early 2013, a whole album based around it? That being said, it is a really catchy, well produced pop song.

The next track, ‘Check Yes Juliet’, is arguably the weirdest choice for the EP. ‘Check Yes Juliet’ was released as a single in early 2008; back when the band were sticking strictly to a pop punk sound. Now days, We The Kings are no more than a pop group with long hair and guitars, so ‘Check Yes Juliet’ doesn’t really fit with the sound of the rest of the EP. However it is still their biggest billboard hit, so perhaps they were trying to reignite the success of the single. As pop punk songs go, it is good. In fact it’s very good; but it sounds dated, especially sandwiched between tracks that employ We The Kings’ new more pop orientated sound. In short, it just doesn’t fit on the EP.

The last three tracks on the album are acoustic versions of recent tracks. They’re all nice enough, well at least for the first 30 seconds and then they begin to get boring.

Overall, a very poor effort from We The Kings. It’s such an arbitrary bunch of tracks, and you’d think if they were just going to pick songs from random points in their careers they’d pick the good ones. It’s almost as if they just picked the songs out of a hat, and thought ‘that’ll do’. A big disappointment.



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