Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse


Pedestrian Verse is the fourth album from Scottish shoe-gaze band Frightened Rabbit. With some of its single’s making it all the way to BBC Radio 1’s playlists, it seems like this is their big break; but have they sacrificed their artistic vision for some mainstream success?

Thankfully, the answer is a no. Frightened Rabbit (Frabbit) state their intent in opening track ‘Acts of Man’ which begins with a peculiar piano riff which grows on you. After this we have ‘Backyard Skulls’, ‘Holy’ and ‘The Woodpile’.  A mix of catchy riffs, experimenting with production and crescendo set the pace for the rest of the album. One of the highlights of the album comes soon after in ‘December Traditions’. It’s a quick, poetic song which builds up from a few guitar notes and Scott’s voice to a well-layered track. Similarly ‘Dead Now’ is a great track, reminiscent of their last album The Winter of Mixed Drinks.

State Hospital’, coming just over halfway in the album, is a classic Frabbit song. It, and final song ‘The Oil Slick’ are delicate but filled with emotion; delivered perfectly. Throughout the album Scott Hutchison’s voice is as honest and cutting as ever but it is in ‘State Hospital’ and ‘The Oil Slick’ where we hear this at its best.

In all, Pedestrian Verse is a solid addition to Frabbit’s back catalogue. That said, it does seem like a diluted version of their usual refreshingly honest and blunt style.



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