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Winchester-born Andy Burrows has an impressive back catalogue. Before having released his first solo piece this Monday, he was part of Razorlight; helping write hits like ‘America’, We Are Scientists in their album ‘Barbara’ and had his own band, I Am Arrows.

His first solo album, however, is a small step away from all this indie. Company is a refreshing and delightful country and folk record which gently whisks you away to a more peaceful, relaxed place. From the moment the first track starts, you get an idea of where the album is going, although not the full idea, of the simple but catchy hooks used in ‘Keep On Moving On’, title track ‘Company’ and ‘If I Had a Heart’. The first half of the album follows this general pattern of upbeat but easy-going music. Throughout this first half, the drums lay a foundation for a mixture of guitars, piano and delicate harmonies.

The tone of the album changes for 3 songs, from ‘Hometown’ through to ‘Stars in the Sky’. Here it becomes powerful, emotional, piano led songs. Burrows shows off his versatility here, and does so spectacularly well. After ‘Stars in the Sky’, there is something of a return to form – ‘Shaking the Colour’ features trumpets, panoramic vocals and electric guitar, all to bring you back to the carefree mood the album started in. Finishing on ‘Pet Air’ which closes Company off nicely with strings proving a particular highlight.

The whole album is a calm and well-balanced record, not jumping from one style to another, but at the same time not all 10 songs sound the same. ‘Hometown’ and ‘Shaking the Colour’ are particular highlights, for entirely different reasons.



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