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Little Comets, a three-piece band from Newcastle, have been described as ‘kitchen sink indie music’ and have done well not to lose their distinctive sound following the release of their second album Life Is Elsewhere. Debut album In Search of Elusive Little Comets contained some absolute musical gems such as ‘Isles’, ‘One Night in October’ and ‘Joanna‘.

Album number two, an often difficult step for bands, contains an equal amount of favourites with pacey guitars and interspersed percussion, including ‘Jennifer’, ‘Waiting In The Shadows’ and ‘Worry’. The subject matter in their lyrics has developed more serious elements, like that of their sound. The guys are certainly in their element with their more up-beat songs such as these; they’re just so great to listen to anytime, whether you’re walking down the street, going for a run or writing a never-ending lab report!

In an interview with them this summer, lead singer Robert Coles told me “I think it’s probably a bit more chilled out, we’re a bit older and know a bit more about life. It’s more relaxed, it’s got a lot more space in it, because the music we’ve been listening to is more confident  – if you believe in the top line melody and the lyrics of your song then ultimately it shouldn’t need anything else. It’s not as fast paced, it’s not as musically insecure.” 

Top line melodies and lyrics are exactly where the band come into their element. Opener ‘A Little Opus’ is a fantastic introductory song for what is to come, with ‘Tense/Empty’ and ‘Violence out Tonight’ channeling 80s tones with cool electronic drum beats. Life Is Elsewhere works better as a whole album than their debut, but I’d argue that it’s missing the punchier songs of their first record. It does have an atmosphere to it, and doesn’t blend into the same generic noise as some indie bands; although it’s a shame it wasn’t released during the summer months (it’s very summer-worthy album!), the funky guitar riffs will still brighten up any dark, dank evening.

The band’s lyrics are intricate and unique and they’ve delivered a very solid second album in which their sound has matured; they seem more confident in their music and Robert Cole in his vocal style. Well done lads!


Little Comets will be playing at Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on 28th October. Tickets can be purchased here.


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