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Little Love is not an anthemic rock album. It’s not something to put on before a night out. It’s not even a filthy dubstep compilation. It’s a debut, 6-track EP from a student who’s clearly had his heart broken. However, from that trauma, Dan Tovey has created something serene.

The EP promises listeners 21 minutes of tranquillity, but doesn’t allow Tovey to show off what he’s capable of. His vocals are strong throughout, showing promising vibrato, but aren’t challenged further. Similarly, his guitar playing throughout the EP is fittingly slow. Whilst Little Love might not show us the versatility Tovey has as an artist, it’s a stand-alone collection that works because of its regularity.

Opening track ‘All the Time’ sees an appearance from Tovey’s harmonica, which you’ll remember if you’ve seen him live. It provides a great combination with the standard guitar and sombre Tovey tones, but does stray into the territory of clichéd lyrics: “I want you so bad”.

Stand-out track for me is ‘Getting Over You’, which shows Tovey trying out some vocal harmonies. It depicts a battle between holding onto memories of good times and letting them go with lyrics “I’ve been lying to myself that you’ll be back”; a journey that is consistent through the whole EP.

It’s great to see a male singer not afraid to show their vulnerable side in their music. However, Dan could help his music grow by putting that passion, we see here in his vocals, into some more interesting orchestration and production in future works.

Big Love for: the cover art, simple production and brutally honest lyrics that are peaceful and yet can remind of us all of our first little love.

Less love for: ‘Slowly’. The lack of chord progression is damn fitting for the theme of the lyrics, but is just a bit too stagnant to appreciate musically.

Come on down, Dan! Little Love gets a 7/10 and ‘Getting Over You’ is my new ‘Lego House’.



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