Favourite Original Movie Soundtrack: Bee Gees – ‘Saturday Night Fever’


Nothing gets a real groove going like ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the one and only Bee Gees, so picking a favourite original movie soundtrack couldn’t have been easier. The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, recorded for the film’s release in 1977 by pop-music trio Bee Gees (and various other artists), is arguably one of the most famous made-for-movie soundtracks ever made due to the incredible intensity of disco fever of which it projects upon both the film and beyond. I quite often find myself popping the soundtrack on shuffle whilst walking down the street to the shops as it truly makes the experience much more exciting and allows you to boost your mood in the easiest way.

Known mostly for the films catchiest tunes (think title track ‘Night Fever’ through which the Gibb brother’s allowed John Travolta to show off his best moves in the world of the film) the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack captures the truly eclectic nature of the film’s narrative through its movement from upbeat, classic dancefloor tracks to slow and melodic tunes which harmonize perfectly with the softer moments in which protagonist Tony (John Travolta) discovers his love for not only dance but a perfect partner to dance with. The soundtrack blends excitement and romance brilliantly, transitioning from ‘Night Fever’ to the stunningly mellow ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ which has been used at weddings across the globe ever since.

The pop-culture nature of the soundtrack has been highlighted over the years, proving the influence of the tracklist as an extension of the film. Examples of this include the infamous The Office scene in which Michael Scott encourages staff members to perform CPR to the beat of ‘Stayin’ Alive’, and more recently an increase in a TikTok trend in which a mashup of ‘More Than a Woman’ and dialogue spoke by Cher from Clueless has been used as a new, popular sound. The track is a beautifully explorative track that highlights not only Barry Gibb’s impressive vocal talent but also the film’s intention of understanding equality (in the loosest sense admittedly, but still.)

‘You Should Be Dancing’ has got to be one of the most exciting tracks on the album and I would challenge anyone to refrain from doing a little dance to the pop-fuelled song as its inevitably impossible. The deluxe edition of the soundtrack includes a range of remixes however nothing can beat the original made-for movie tracks which emphasise the energy and power of the film.

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack showcase Bee Gee’s incredible artistry, proving that a soundtrack can be a standalone album that can provide enjoyment throughout the seasons, moving from high energy to emotive love songs in a matter of minutes.

Saturday Night Fever (soundtrack) is available to listen to now via Polydor. Check out the video for ‘Stayin’ Alive’ now down below.


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