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Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro, who formed in 1995, remain an integral part of the rock scene to this day, with their new album A Celebration of Endings to be released later this summer. It’s difficult to compare Biffy Clyro to any other rock bands out there due to their ever-evolving style, however, this is what makes the band’s work even more notable and exciting.

The trio entered the music world with the release of their debut album Blackened Sky (2002) which allowed them to take their new music on tour with popular American band Weezer. The band later released two more studio albums, The Vertigo of Bliss (2003) and Infinity Land (2004). Although still struggling to break into the mainstream, the band showed promise with their variety of musical elements and experimentalism, including their introduction of ‘string sessions’ which still inspire the bands sometimes orchestral sound.

The band’s fourth studio album, Puzzle (2007), will remain an important part of the band’s journey, as the album peaked at No.2 in the UK Official Album charts upon its release. This was an incredible turning point for the band, with the album winning ‘Best Album’ at both the Kerrang! and Rock Sound Awards in 2007. Puzzle paved the way for Biffy Clyro as they began to support major bands on studio tours.

Only Revolutions (2009) received a vast amount of critical success and became an important album for not only the band but my musical progression, fuelling my love of melodic rock as I was introduced to the album by my dad. The album blends both emotion and hard rock, forming a soft but impactful tracklist that boasts some of Biffy Clyro’s most notable songs to date such as ‘Mountains’ and ‘The Captain’.

After the release of Opposites (2013), the band’s first number 1 album, success came in many forms including headline slots at a multitude of British festivals such as BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2013 and later in their career Reading and Leeds 2016 (which I attended and loved) and Download 2017. Amongst this wave of success, Biffy Clyro released Ellipsis (2016), an incredibly strong album that feels as though it was written to be performed live making it my favourite of their albums. A wave of excitement can be felt when you listen to the album, drawing you to sing along with the catchy, positive lyrics that aim to inspire you.

The band’s latest album, Balance, Not Symmetry (2019), diverted the band into an unexpected and different direction which I believe was unique and inspired. The band worked with director Jamie Adams to create a film that works alongside the atmospheric soundtrack, with the film being premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival, showcasing the band’s creativity in cinematic form.

Biffy Clyro prove with every new release that bands can seamlessly combine the foundations of rock with the excitement of modern pop without losing the meaning behind their songs. Their newest tracks ‘End Of’ and ‘Instant History’ do just this and therefore I am beyond excited to see what the band has in store for us with their upcoming album A Celebration of Endings (2020).

Mon the Biff!

Biffy Clyro’s new album A Celebration of Endings is set to be released on 14th August 2020 via 14th Floor Ltd.


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