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Canadian indie-pop band Peach Pit have been working non-stop since their debut EP Sweet FA in 2016. Slow and mellow may be their signature sound, but the band themselves are certainly unafraid of speeding ahead and working hard, having been touring non-stop since debut LP Being so Normal’s release in 2017, on both solo tours and opening for similar indie pop band Two Door Cinema Club. Working odd jobs to support themselves before finding success with singles such as ‘Alrighty Aphrodite’, ‘Peach Pit’ and ‘Tommy’s Party’ (Mikey Pascuzzi was even a carpenter at one point), their dedication to their craft is paramount, with band members even going as far to wear the same outfits throughout the whole of their Being so Normal tour, creating a certain ‘look’ for the new-on-the-scene musicians. Yet, the members don’t appear as pretentious or self-obsessed, referring to themselves in their Instagram bio as a ‘wedding cover band’, and their down-to-earth, laidback lyrics show as such.

With their fuzzy, spaced out sound akin to contemporaries Mac Demarco and King Krule, Peach Pit have found themselves a comfortable spot in the indie pop scene. Their signature layered vocals, high strung woozy guitar, and melancholy lyrics allow for a relaxed listening experience, with some sprinklings of cheeky heavy drum beats and guitar solos. With their songs being described as ‘sad-boi indie pop gems’, they evoke an almost nostalgic feeling throughout, always leaving you wanting more.

You and Your Friends, the latest of Peach Pit’s releases, lives up to enjoyableness of debut album Being so Normal, continuing their stream of self-titled ‘chewed bubblegum pop’ sound. The high tuned guitar of ‘Black Licorice’ definitely gives me some Van Morrison, surf-rock vibes, harkening back to the California sound inspired mellow vibes of ‘Chagu’s Sideturn’ of Being so Normal. The melancholy lyrics are set against a backdrop of light guitar, giddy drumbeats and the occasional tambourine, offering a mellow, dream-like final product of oddly poignant heartbreak storytelling. ‘Figure 8’ embodies this style, with lead singer Neil Smith crooning of watching a lover ‘skate away’, giving an almost hazy image of summer love. ‘Puppy Grin’ bumps up the tempo, with Pascuzzi on the drums giving a fast paced, heavy backing noise, providing a tune you can’t help but tap your foot to.  The whole listening experiences takes you from spaced out chilled ballads to upbeat summer bops, giving a nice variation across the board whilst still sticking with Peach Pit’s well-beloved style.

As a whole, the band’s sophomore album is definitely more upbeat than their previous, and in my opinion couldn’t have come at a better time with the weather warming up. The summer vibes are rampant with its soft, catchy tunes, and when paired with Smith’s pleasingly lowkey way of singing, it’s hard to not sit and listen through the whole thing in one go. It, alongside with Being so Normal for those more chilled out feels, is for sure worth a listen, and Peach Pit are definitely a band to keep an eye on. I for one can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.

Peach Pit’s latest album, You and Your Friends, is available via RCA Records UK.


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