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Stuck at home, Edge writers all over the country have been listening to a whole lot of music.  So, if you’re looking for recommendations for what albums and artists should be on your radar, you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s a list of all the genres, artists, albums and songs we’ve been playing on repeat this month, for your enjoyment.

Song: AJR – ‘Next Up Forever’

I’m definitely late to the party when it comes to AJR. Known for their independence (pretty much all of their work is recorded right in their living room) and intense lyrics, the band have secured themselves a solid spot in the indie pop community. Their third studio album, Neotheater, tells a tale of self-doubt, anxiety and trepidation, sung against a rich mix of orchestral and electronic elements. Pretty heavy stuff, but for sure worth the listen. The whole feel of the album is summed up in the opening song, ‘Next Up Forever’; it speaks of a fear of being left behind, of not being good enough, and is paired against some pretty catchy beats and intervals of a beautiful choir. A chorus of male voices starts the song, encouraging the lead vocalist to rise up, and make something for himself in the world; rather than boost the singer, however, it only appears to scare him, exerting a pressure of self-expectation, of which makes up the rest of the song. Things are pretty hectic in the world right now, and a song, and album overall, that deals with such personal topics, might seem a bit daunting, but I promise, it’s definitely something everyone should check out.

Alice Fortt

AJR’s ‘Next Up Forever’ is available via AJR Productions.

Song: Frightened Rabbit – ‘The Modern Leper’

In Frank Turner‘s first livestream gig this year, he covered Frightened Rabbit‘s ‘The Modern Leper’ and it made me stop in my tracks completely. I was aware of this song before but for some reason had completely forgotten about it. After Frank’s cover, I downloaded Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Fright, and ‘The Modern Leper’ has been on repeat since. Dealing with dark themes, this song epitomezes dealing with extreme hopelessness, as the late Scott Hutchison expresses his feelings. Every time this song plays I cannot help but get emotional, and delving into many old performances of this song certainly hasn’t helped. Hutchison’s vocals throughout are strong, but the ending conclusion as he shouts ‘And you are not ill, and I’m not Dead / Doesn’t that make us the perfect pair?’ is bound to make you stop whatever you are doing and be truly in the moment listening. May Scott Hutchison’s powerful vocals live on forever.

Georgie Holmes

Frightened Rabbit’s ‘The Modern Leper’ is available via FatCat Records.

Album: Lindsey Stirling – Artemis

It’s been just over six months now, since I went to the Artemis tour in London back in October 2019 and I don’t think I’ve stopped listening to tracks from this album since. It melds Stirling’s older power and what she knows best with a new edge that brings the album a narrative that’s classic Stirling; it’s whimsical and mysterious and powerful, and most importantly, it’s a meld of each element that’s awe-inspiring to listen to recorded or live. ‘Underground’ is still a bop of an opening track, and I still stand by what I said about ‘Masquerade’ in my review of the album. ‘Sleepwalking’ is still a favourite of mine, although the crown goes to the album’s title track. Whether I listen to it in track order, on shuffle, or in the same setlist as the 2019 European tour, each brings something unique to it. (at least, that’s what I tell myself when I listen to ‘The Upside’ for over an hour straight)

Louise Chase

Lindsey Stirling’s Artemis is available via Lindseystomp Records.

Artist: DMA’s

I discovered the DMA’s last year through a recommendation from a friend and instantly fell in love with their perfect blend of 80s melodic synths with the catchy 90s riffs that we all need a bit of in our lives. I managed to catch their brit-pop style set at Isle of Wight Festival 2019 and have been keeping up to date with their music developments ever since. The band fills the Oasis sized void and for many, like me, this is welcomed with open arms. Their latest single ‘Life is a Game of Changing’ draws upon the increasing feeling of summer, with the use of dreamy guitar and subtle drums that work perfectly with the simple, but effective, lyrics. The anticipation held for their upcoming album The Glow, which is due to be released on the 10th of July, can be felt through their melodic single ‘Silver’. From summertime pop-rock to more indie tunes, their discography is ever-growing, making DMA’s one to be checked out!

DMA’s third studio album, The Glow, will be released via I Oh You on 10th July 2020.

Katie Evans


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