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HAIM are a pop-rock outfit who have been taking over the world since the early 2010’s. It is impossible to ignore the group’s immense success as well as the fun and exciting blend of 70’s and modern trends in their music.

Este (bass guitar and vocals), Danielle (vocals and guitar) and Alana (guitars, keyboards, and vocals) are three sisters who have combined their musical talent to form the band HAIM. Forming in 2012 in Los Angeles, California, the group released their first EP Forever and after positively received performances at South by Southwest festival the girls signed a deal with Polydor Records.

The band broke out in the UK with their single ‘The Wire’ in 2013 which peaked at 16 in the UK top 40 chart and the album Days Are Gone which the single featured on also became a number one album in the UK. With two albums under their belt and a third due to come out this year, the sisters have made a name for themselves.

The pop-rock trio are a great example of a female musical act who have been thriving in recent years and have earned their placement on festival lineups. HAIM headlined the BBC Radio 1 stage in 2017 at Reading Festival and the packed-out tent was fully immersed in the ladies’ performance. The response from the crowd really highlights the band’s talent when performing live as well as being able to create smooth and polished studio versions of songs. HAIM were also set to play many festivals this summer across various countries, including the prestigious Glastonbury festival, however, due to current circumstances many of these festivals have had to cancel or postpone their events. The band’s global success is pathing the way for other female composed bands in the rock scene but also female musicians of any genre. Hopefully, the example HAIM has set in the music industry will allow there to be more gender equality on festival billings and will also inspire other women in music to keep working at their craft.

Their third album Women in Music Pt. III is being postponed, however, the singles that we have heard so far suggest that this album will be another great body of work to add to their catalogue. “The mantra of this record is all about being fearless” according to the band and the positive messages within the trio’s albums is what connects them to their audience. They are a band writing from the heart about their personal experiences in such a raw but exciting way. The group have a talent for blending the soft rock style of 70s music with elements from modern pop music to create groovy pop-rock songs that never get old.

Their latest single (at the time of writing) ‘The Steps’ sees HAIM returning to a musical style seen on the ‘The Wire’ that featured on their debut record Days Are Gone. The song’s chorus is a real highlight; it is composed of a rocking guitar riff whilst the girls sing “Every time I think that I’ve been taking the steps/You end up mad at me for making a mess”.

So, what can we expect from HAIM in the future? With their third album and tour in support of the new record being postponed due to the current pandemic, it seems likely that the sisters will be on many festival lineups next summer (hopefully on lineups that have a greater gender balance). Based on their most recent single releases it seems that HAIM are set to continue on their upward spiral of success both nationally and globally.

Check out the video for ‘The Steps’ bellow:


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