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Long hair, brown turtle necks and funky guitar riffs – if any of these are of interest to you, FUR will be right up your street.

From their humble formation under a University freshers page, the 4-piece Brighton based band have made their name in the indie scene over the past couple of years, and their fame is continually increasing. Their self-titled EP was released in February of this year, featuring the single ‘Angel Eyes’ which now has over 600,000 views on YouTube, signalling just how popular FUR have become in an arguably short amount of time. The appeal they have gained over just two years is also arguably due to the unique, vintage aesthetic applied to their music videos, most notably in ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’, which now has over 8 million views!

Much of their music sounds older than it really is, which is most likely the appeal to many of their fans. After supporting Matt Maltese on tour near the end of 2018, FUR gained more and more attention from the music-lovers looking to enjoy something a bit different, a bit nostalgic and a bit less mainstream.

The band have claimed in the past that among their musical influences lie The Strokes, which I feel is most definitely evident within the rather nostalgic guitar melodies. Their sound as a band is also very reminiscent of other popular indie bands, with the long-held vocal notes hinting to influence from bands like Tame Impala.

If you are looking for tunes to add to your summer playlist, FUR certainly deserve a spot. Their new single ‘Nothing (Until Something Comes Along)’, will fulfil all of your musical requirements, with its very abrupt start and its perfectly groovy, dance-worthy melody, which features some of the most impressive vocal ranges from lead singer Murray. The high tones reached on this single signify how adaptable FUR are in terms of their style, whilst also demonstrating their seemingly never-ending talent.

Although they have created some perfect summer tunes, FUR are not just a band for summer – their older singles from 2017, including ‘Not Enough’, are ideal to listen to within the warmth and cosiness of your home, whilst the autumn or winter rain hits the windowpane. ‘Not Enough’ will get you feeling something in between calmness and sadness, whilst their single ‘Trying’ will cure this sadness with an overwhelming urge to dance and sway to the long-held vocal notes and the repetitive, energetic guitar riffs.

With their vintage aesthetic, nostalgic sounds, and their ability to satisfy any mood that you are in, what’s not to love?

FUR embark on their UK tour this autumn, and tickets can be found here.


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