Review: Peace – ‘Power’


'Power', whilst emotive, will definitely leave you wondering if Peace is capable of retaining the originality of their debut...

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After a two-year hiatus, the release of singles, ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ and, more recently, ‘Power’ were well overdue from the indie-rock band, Peace. A significant contrast to their prior release in December last year, ‘Power’ finds strength in its simplicity. The band has appeared to return to the essential characteristics of their debut, in image and sound, with just enough alteration to add a strength in their conviction, the result being a track that projects a subtle kind of “power”.

I must say though, that the verdict is definitely still out as to whether this return will be able to recharge their early aesthetic in sound and image, or whether, through leaving behind the essential rawness, Peace has lost the unique essence which made their debut album so iconic.

‘Power’ is out now via Ignition Records


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