SKATERS – Deadbolt


It could be argued (maybe not by me) that in many ways, lo-fi, high energy skate-punk is kind of formulaic. With the correct combination of scuzz, irreverence and frenetic hooks, all of which ‘Deadbolt’ arguably includes to some extent, you’d think anyone with a couple of guitars and a drum kit could have themselves a hit. To say that ‘Deadbolt’ sounds like a Wavves song may even be factually correct, if derivative, but a comparison SKATERS couldn’t truly deserve. It’s just not as simple as that; ‘Deadbolt’ doesn’t soundtrack your recklessness, the frenzy isn’t frenzied enough. It’s not as fun or carefree. Maybe SKATERS will fall short for not ‘keeping it real’; nothing rings true in hearing that this garage band are releasing their debut LP on Warner Bros., when the DIY/house party aspect of this kind of music is so vital to its relevance and charm.

Previous offerings have been more varied in style and found the band sounding slick, Strokes-y and more natural, but in ‘Deadbolt’ they’re trying too hard to rough-up their edges. Then again the fact that, on the surface, they basically have all the ingredients to be the band they want to be means they might come out with some half-decent tunes, but do we really believe in you, SKATERS, do we?



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