Nostalgic News: Firewatch was released 5 years ago


In a year full of high paced action games, Firewatch was a breath of fresh woodland air. Being able to slowly walk through the summery woodlands of Wyoming woodlands. As Henry, players spent a few hours in a first-person view of trees and life, and for a “slow-paced” game you can get completely engrossed in the story around you.

The bold yellows and oranges from the sunlight are wholesome and comforting during the scenes set in the day, which makes the once welcoming sets atop the tower or the refreshing lake feel almost cold and a different world entirely when revisited in the dark.

A twisty ending which fell flat for some, actually speaks more about humans and the characters we never get to see; at the revelation surrounding the conspiracy we feel disappointed that Henry and Delilah are not special, they’re just human. And Firewatch is a human game, for the lack of humans that we interact with.

Check out the trailer for Firewatch below:


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