Nostalgic News: Misery was released 30 years ago


The film, which follows the interactions between famous fictional writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan) and obsessive fan Annie Wilkes (portrayed by the incredible Kathy Bates), takes on the grit and brutal nature of the original story in a very memorable way. Misery, set amongst the cold landscape of an isolated Colorado town, hits the nail on the head with its blend of tension and action. Reiner uses lengthy conversational shots and scenes to bring the audience into the undeniably scary house of antagonist Annie Wilkes whose true intentions unfold as the story develops.

Upon its release, Misery gained widespread audience and critical acclaim, with Bates winning the Academy Award for Best Actress at the 63rd ceremony – making the film the only one to gain Stephen King an Oscar which is an awesome factor in the film’s success. If you haven’t seen Misery and love psychological slow-burners then this is a brilliant film to add to your list 30 years on from its original release.

Watch the trailer for Misery below:


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