Notting Hill Carnival Goes Online


For its 54-year anniversary, Notting Hill Carnival will be taking place online to keep the spirit alive despite this unprecedented time. This year we are greeted with Digital Notting Hill Carnival and though it won’t be the wonderous street festival that is usually held on the August bank holiday, it is expected to be just as extravagant as ever. Carnival was pre-recorded to ensure the best ever experience from the beautiful costumes to the soothing sound of the steel pans – Carnival will not be a miss.

Streaming between August 29th to August 31st on the Notting Hill Carnival website you can expect non-stop music from all four channels, including Carnival Culture on 29 August between 9 am – 12 pm while on the same day there is also Carnival Warm Up between 6 pm – Midnight. The Parade Channel will be live on 30th and 31th August at 12 pm – 8 pm, Sound System Channel on the same days between 12 pm – 8 pm, Main Stage also on the same day between 8pm – 11pm. Just like the street festival, the music will continue playing throughout the day and you will be able to immerse yourself in the amazing and rich culture of Carnival.

The site will host podcast episodes covering everything from the history of Carnival to current issues facing the Black community alongside special guest takeovers from some of the UK’s biggest dancehall, reggae, soca and afrobeats playlists.

Alongside the website Spotify has been confirmed as an official sponsor for the event with playlists being curated by each of the sound systems and DJs of Carnival. These playlists can be saved for even after Carnival, so you can stay in the spirit long after the festivities are over.

Carnival was founded to bring people together and celebrate the British Black community which is specifically important in today’s current racial climate. Executive Director of Notting Hill, Matthew Phillip noted: “Carnival is such an important part of people’s lives and key celebration of the multiculturalism of the UK”. The event being moved online is in order to protect the BAME communities who are most impacted by Covid-19, so although communities cannot all celebrate together on the streets, we can all celebrate together online at one of the world’s biggest street festivals.

There are exclusive sets from the best sound systems, calypso, soca, steelpan and mas performers like Rampage, Brown Suga, Pan Nation and Tempo Mas with more names to be announced. The official after-party will also be held by BBC Radio 1Xtra.

To make sure you don’t miss out on more announcements and the excitement of Notting Hill Carnival be sure to download the Carnival app on Apple and Android or follow Carnival on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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