Southampton based company, Jesting Dog Productions, releases Part I of new comedic video


As Coronavirus brings a large part of the entertainment industry to a standstill, the increased time at home for individuals has meant that many can start on projects that have been cooking under the surface for a long while. For some, they have taken to DIY or home decoration, using the time to get their house to the level of perfection they’ve always dreamed of; for others, they’ve sought out creative hobbies, whether it be starting the novel they’ve always planned on writing or rediscovering art. For as much as the Coronavirus has effected the normality of the country, for some, it’s been an unexpected chance to finally start something they’ve always dreamed of.

One such new project that has been born out amidst the current pandemic is the Southampton based multi-media production company Jesting Dog Productions, created by two current University of Southampton students: Elliot Morris and Tom Usher. Described as a production company that delivers “podcasts, radio shows, comedy sketches and more”, their Facebook page has been live since May 14th and currently has over 15 projects that are available for audiences to watch/listen to. Starting with their parody advertisement, ‘Ask Boris’, an advert that showcases Amazon’s Alexa’s new voice as none other than Boris Johnson, to their widely successful mental-health podcast, “You ok man”, Jesting Dog Productions have had an impressive output in the less than two months they’ve been active for.

Their newest project gives audiences the chance to finally meet both creators behind the company in a comedic special that has them tasting a variety of Co-Op own brand liquors and alcohols to find the best one. Split into two parts, with the first part currently available on their Facebook page as well as on Youtube, the video has proven a highly entertaining watch for many people as well as a fan-service to students in helping them find the “cheapest booze you can get your hands on” that actually tastes good. With the video acting as an informal introduction to both creators, it’s great to see the guys behind the projects and has many people excited to see what they do next!

You can watch the trailer for their comedic special below and if you liked what you saw then watch Part I by clicking here:


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