Nostalgic News: The Jeremy Kyle Show began 15 years ago


Who doesn’t love watching re-runs of old Jeremy Kyle episodes in the morning with their cup of tea? Something about the family feuds, and often unbelievable storylines just make it so entertaining.

Yet, we can’t forget the darker side of Jeremy Kyle. In May 2019, the show was axed after its fourteen-year run following the death of Steve Dymond, thought to be an overdose. This occurred after Steve’s appearance on the show, where he failed a lie detector test regarding whether or not he had cheated on his fiancé.

This aside, would the show really be suitable for TV in the 2020s? With the host, Jeremy Kyle, being a middle class man, often confronting, belittling, and class-stereotyping the predominantly working-class, ‘chav’ participants, does this even align with our growing socially conscious mindsets? There have been rumours of the show making a return in 2020, however we are yet to hear much on this. So maybe you won’t have to look too hard for your Jeremy Kyle fix after all…

Find out more about the show’s suspension below:


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