Nostalgic News: Cher’s ‘Stars’ was released 45 years ago


It’s been 45 years since the release of Cher’s 12th studio album, Stars. Never heard of it? That’s probably due to the fact that it was one of the pop icons biggest flops, failing to even chart within the top 100. The album features 10 tracks predominantly made up of covers from stars (hence the name), such as Eric Clapton’s ‘Bell Bottom Blues’. Stars is the first album from Cher following her split from Sonny, and serves as another first; the first time Cher’s name appeared on album without an accent (‘) over the e. Another interesting fact about this album is that it’s near-impossible to track down, due to being unavailable on any streaming sites, and never put on CD or re-released on vinyl. It’s safe to say that Stars, as many ‘Believe’, isn’t the album Cher will be remembered for!

Listen to the album’s title track below:


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