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Taylor Swift has announced a new documentary Miss Americana which will air on Netflix on 31 January.

The documentary (directed by Lana Wilson) opened the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night and received a standing ovation from the crowd as it gave a compelling, raw and intimate look into the superstar’s life. The movie has already set off a social media frenzy even before its release due to Swift’s candid revelations on body image issues and struggles to overcome an eating disorder. The movie is said to be eye-opening and sees Swift take charge of her own narrative instead of allowing the media to portray her story.

Clips of the documentary have been released in which Swift discusses the pressures of being ‘the good girl’ which led her to eventually lose herself and her own voice. She documents overcoming this image that the world wanted her to be when she used her voice in the 2018 U.S. senate elections as she endorsed the Democratic candidate against the Republican Marsha Blackburn. This was the first time Taylor Swift took a political stand giving her a voice to help herself and those around her, a theme that continues in her new album Lover which is about overcoming adversity and appreciating and loving yourself.

The film is said to also a feature a new song by Swift called ‘Only The Young’ – critics have said it’s an upbeat, catchy anthem which sticks to her theme of promoting self-expression and giving the people, particularly the young, a voice. These are just a few reasons as to why you should tune in to watch this inspiring documentary.

Miss Americana premieres on Netflix on 31st January. In the mean time, watch the trailer below:


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