Line-up for Coachella 2020 announced


It’s that time of year again where Coachella announces its stunning new line-up for this year’s annual art and music festival. In true Coachella fashion, the line-up is absolutely amazing and features artists we all have been dying to see. This year’s headliners cover a variety of genres from Rage Against the Machine to Travis Scott and last (but certainly not least) Frank Ocean. Audiences have expressed their excitement for Frank Ocean’s set as he has only recently started releasing music after three years of no music releases – maybe a new album in 2020?

The festival isn’t just diverse in its headline choices but also features a variety of artists from BIGBANG, a K-Pop group, to Lana Del Rey, Brockhampton to Lil Naz X. This is a weekend we are sure not to miss, however considering half of us are sadly in the UK we will be able to watch the events livestream and pretend we are tanning while listening to fantastic music.

The festival takes place in the sunny desert of Palm Springs and one thing is for sure, the weather will be fantastic. This one trait is unlike any British festival where you never know if you’ll be drowning in mud or suffocating in an overheated tent. The good weather is just one appealing trait of the festival, but nothing can beat the A-List Celebrity guests who are regularly in attendance. With the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Rihanna becoming Coachella regulars if you are lucky enough to attend the event you may meet these fashion icons. But again, if you are just watching Coachella unfold from home then you can sure expect astonishing outfits from the celebrity guests as everyone plays the game of ‘who wore what’. Coachella marks what the fashion trends of the year will be with past years showing the excitement of ripped denim shorts (how adventurous), hats and funky sunglasses (can I hear a woo!). Nonetheless we will all become fashion police and probably spend nights wishing we were cool enough to get a VIP invite to such an event.

Coachella isn’t just home to iconic looks, but it also features the most iconic performances in pop history i.e., Beyoncé’s Homecoming performance (which you can now watch on Netflix), Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg’s Tupac hologram and the moment we wish we could all forget, Drake and Madonna sharing a smooch onstage. We are sure as hell excited to see what iconic moments could be created at the upcoming event. Here are my predictions: Travis Scott brings out Kylie Jenner to do a rendition of ‘rise and shine’, Rage Against the Machine really do rage against the machine (government) and Frank Ocean takes all of us to heaven with his angelic voice.

Coachella takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California across two weekends from April 10-12th and 17-19th. Read the full line-up below:



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