Taylor Swift breaks AMA record


Taylor Swift has yet again broken another record for the artist with the most American Music Awards, totalling at 29 AMA’s. This beats Michael Jackson who previously held the record with a total of 24 AMA’s, showing Taylor Swift is becoming the musical legend all Swifties have long believed her to be. It can be argued this number will certainly increase over the years as her career is still in full swing with many still anticipating for new music to be released from the musical icon.

The record to owe to her new success is Lover which takes on an extremely different tone to her previous album Reputation. Lover promotes the idea of self-love with a hint of heartache (in true Taylor Swift style). It features amazing hits such as ‘You Need to Calm Down’ which features ground-breaking lyrics such as “Shade never made anybody less gay”, using her musical credibility to support the LGBT+ community.

The American Music Awards 2019 honoured Taylor Swift with Artist of the Decade and Artist of the Year. This is certainly well-deserved: after all, what is pop music without Tay Tay?

Watch Taylor’s performance from the AMA’s here:


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